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NEWS ARCHIVE 5: 1 January 2005 - 31 December 2005

QUAKE. Quoth mod pack & 3 maps reviewed.  posted: 16th December 2005

Kell & Necros, building on the earlier lost chapters themes and modifications have released their Quoth Expansion Mod Pack.
I have reviewed 3 separate maps that require and use Quoth for some of their content: red 777, Crescendo of Dreams, Rats in the Walls.
It is intended that other mappers make their own maps using Quoth, so hopefully we will see more Quoth maps in the future.

QUAKE. 3 year anniversary & 3 new map reviews.  posted: 1st November 2005

On the 1st November, 2002 i opened this map review site. I am very happy and proud to say it is still being updated 3 years later, i have enjoyed running it. I very much like to keep things concise, so i will finish this small celebration by saying thanks to all the mappers who work i have reviewed so far, and a special note of thanks to Tronyn, whose considerable help in submitting map reviews has been a great assistance for me in maintaining this site.

Now on to the most important part of this update to celebrate 3 years of this site: what better than 3 brand new map reviews of the most recent 3 Q1SP map releases:
1. "the Masque of the Red Death"
2. "Castle of the Dark Ages"
3. "Nightjourney" [6 map episode].

Finally, for this update, i will list my current 3 *dreams/wishes* of Quake 1 mapping to mark this sites 3rd birthday:
1. Glassman finally answers Mindcrime's emails [!] and produces at least 4 maps for the new Nehahra episode and/or Obscurus.
2. CZG makes a 3 map sequel, Insomnia 2, to what is still one of the landmarks in quake 1 mapping.
3. Kinn makes a 5 map episode, with every map being as good as the marcher fortress.
See you again soon for the next map review update. =)

QUAKE. Antediluvian reviewed.  posted: 5th September 2005

John Fitzgibbons [metlslime], has just released a new map, which is a very good traditional ID style map. I have written a review for this level, which is called "Antediluvian".

QUAKE. 3 new reviews!.  posted: 2nd September 2005

I had a short summer break, but now i am back to update the website with 3 new reviews I have written.
This brings the total number of Quake 1 Map reviews at this website to 100. =)
Catching up on the main new Q1SP releases:

1.heresp4: beyond the black sun.
2.heresp3: castle of pain.
3.tris: The Rest is Silence.
4.sm100 turtle map event 3 maps made in 1 week or less, collected and released in a pack.
Download: note: may possibly be reviewed in future.


QUAKE. sm82 reviewed.  posted: 24th July 2005  

A speed chainmap has recently been released. I have written the review for this map, which is called "sm82: rubicondom".

NEWS. Quake Expo 2005 Announced  posted: 18th July 2005

The website for the Quake Expo 2005 is now open. Mappers are encouraged to construct and submit Quake 1 maps by the organizers, and also by me. =)

Quoting from the site:
"This year's Qexpo will take place from the 10th to the 20th of August, and will be an online expo for Quake 1 and Quake 2. If you are a modder, a mapper or even just a player of either of these two games, and you'd like to get involved, then you will be able to! The booth signups will be available very soon, so get preparing."

QUAKE. 2 new maps [1 big, 1 small] Reviewed.  posted: 16th July 2005

A big new SP map with the name "Concentric Devastation", constructed by Lunaran, (who by the way has a rather wonderful website) has been reviewed here, by Tronyn.

I have managed to also post a quick review for "star gate quest", a small map that was released a few months ago but somehow managed to slip under my Q1SP new map radar. (I guess that means my radar is malfunctioning, maybe i need to repair it, or possibly buy a new one on Ebay).
Anyway enough rambling, read my review of star gate quest.

Hope you have fun with these 2 new maps. In case anyone is still not aware, by the way, speed maps for quake 1 continued to be released and enjoyed over at Quake Speed Mapping on a pleasingly regular basis. Finally for this news update, due credit to Zwiffle for organizing all the speed map stuff and also for inventing the wonderful word "speedmappagery", which i have just added to my text editor's spellchecker. =)

QUAKE. "the lost chapters" Reviewed.  posted: 15th June 2005

Kell and Necros are two of the most experienced and talented mappers within the Quake 1 SP mapping scene. They decided to pool their creative skills, and their collaboration, along with some extra maps by other authors, has resulted in the production of "Contract revoked: the lost chapters", a 9 map Q1SP pack.
Tronyn has written a detailed review of this map pack, click here for the review and download.

QUAKE. Odyssey 1 Reviewed.  posted: 6th April 2005

I have written a review for a map re-released by aguiRe, originally relased in 1998 by Whitewind, its a fun map called "Odyssey 1". I hope you enjoy both the review and the map.

WinQuake, GL Quake and other custom quake engines  posted: 1st March 2005

I have received a couple of emails recently from people trying to run quake on newer PCs/windows XP, which has a bit of a problem with old DOS programs, and have been asked to draw attention to winquake & GL Quake.

WinQuake was designed as a windows port for the dos-based game of Quake. WinQuake is also an important element of another good basic version of the quake engine, GL Quake.
Downloads and more information on both WinQuake & GL Quake can be found here.

For those who want to go beyond these basic versions of quake, there are also various other excellent custom engines which often include additional graphical effects, better performance and a host of other customizable features, some of the best are:
Dark Places.

Finally, a good general website for more information is, which is mainly related to custom engines and coding for Quake and other FPS. Here is a thread at Quakesrc discussing various Quake Custom engines.

QUAKE. Terra map pack Reviewed.  posted: 6th Febuary 2005

Do you like Quake 1? Do you like Doom? Then you will like the collection of 6 maps in this brand new review:

Terra pack Review

If these maps make you happy, you will want to go to czg's site to make sure you have all his old Quake 1 SP maps, in fact there are lots of happy maps for happy people to be found there.

Additionally, i only recently found this news update on the project "Obscurus".[check the 4.November.2004 update], and its really pretty amazing news, from the man who brought us Nehahra.

QUAKE. Two new map reviews.  posted: 17th January 2005

Tronyn has submitted two new map reviews:

review of araivo: Apinaraivo
review of SM40 map pack [2 maps]

Activity continues on the Quake 1 mapping scene at an exciting rate: one of the most exciting recently announced projects can be found here, its called Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters, and is a sequel to the "Hall of Fame" Classic Contract Revoked. The project is being organized by experienced mappers Kell and necros, and other mappers are encouraged to contribute maps as well.

QUAKE. FOUR new map reviews!.  posted: 14th January 2005

Tronyn has been very busy enjoying and immersing himself in Quake 1's twisted but beautiful new worlds and has produced a HUGE update of four massive brand new map reviews:

review of 1000 Brush Quake SP pack
review of Coma
review of project: Monsterfree
review of The Marcher Fortress
[saving the best map for last :)].

My personal feeling, which I would like to add, is that its a true testament to both the original genius of the Quake 1 game and the quake 1 community which still continues to create new beautiful playgrounds for us, that now, 8 years after the original Quake game was released, the true artform of quake 1 level design is still being advanced. The envelope of technical excellence and imagination is being pushed by a brand new map called "the marcher fortress": the future is bright, the future is Quake 1. :)

QUAKE. map review submission and 3 new map releases.  posted: 11th January 2005

I have found myself unfortunately and increasingly occupied and distracted by real life busyness, and as a result I have decided to experiment with the idea of throwing open the door [like lvl q3a] for anyone to submit reviews of maps to me, and if they meet the criteria listed below, they will be published.

Review Criteria:
[1]be a review of a recently released Q1SP map in the new "maps awaiting review pile" list, see top of this main index page.
[2]be at least 300 words long, no upper limit on review length. Also include a score out of 20.
[3]have decent standards of grammar, readability and English.
[4]in .txt file format, plus 4 [or more] screenshots [format preferred: 280*210 pixels, jpeg file format]. [if your not sure how to do screenshots, email me and we can sort it out].
[5]Please submit via email, with review and screenshots to:

Email me if you want to review a map and then your name will be placed in the list above as the "Assigned reviewer", this is so no-one duplicates a review for that map. [For example Tronyn is currently working on a review for the 1000 Brush Quake SP pack].

When a review has been submitted i will email the reviewer to let them know its ok and that their review will be posted here, and then the map will be deleted from the "maps awaiting review pile" list.

Meanwhile, four more brand new Q1SP maps have been released and have been added to the "maps awaiting review pile" list: "Project: Monsterfree", "The Marcher Fortress" and the SM40 map pack [contains 2 maps]. Its amazing and wonderful to see all these brand new maps for Quake 1!

QUAKE. cmc reviewed.  posted: 7th January 2005

Tronyn has submitted a great review for "Cheyenne Mountain Complex", which you can read right here.

Additionally, two more brand new Q1SP maps have been released since my last update:
[1]Ankh has released a map called "Coma", Download it here:
[2]Jago has released a map called "Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage", Download it

Both these maps will be reviewed at this site in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy playing these latest maps =).