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Reviews: 8th January 2003: Review No. 1

Game - CUBE
Maps - cubegames: Cubegames (4 maps total/3 maps reviewed)
by - Spentron
Download - on this webpage:
Overall Verdict - interesting collection of levels, all offering different approaches to cube gameplay.


Spentron has put together this pack of 4 different experimental levels, each one is looked at briefly below. NOTE: the 4th map (sdmsp1.cgz) is a Map made specifically for DMSP mode, therefore i have chosen not to review it.

Map 1 - maze1:Maze1
The first map looked at here is simply a maze, in which you are trapped, and must find your way out. In fact technically, you don't have to find your way out, you just have to kill all the 17 monsters as per a normal map, but as all the monsters and ammo are placed around the outside of the maze its much easier to escape the maze first and *then* kill the monsters.

Architecture and texturing is basic but functional. The maze is not particularly big or complicated so after a few minutes of exploration you should be able to work out the route to escape. Once this is done actually killing the monsters is relatively easy due to generous supplies of ammo. The replay factor of this map is also relatively low as once you have found the route out, there is not much point in playing the map again. Still, overall its an imaginative idea and decently implemented; could be bigger, tougher and more challenging though.

Map 2 - deletia:Deletia
This is an interesting deviation from normal Cube SP map, its obvious that spentron has a creative mind and a good imagination to come up up with all these different ideas for various gameplay types/concepts. The architecture and map layout is fairly standard. Most of the floors and walls are a rather bright red, (a "lava" type feel is created), and there are a few plants dotted around the map. The map size is smallish, with 17 monsters that must be deleted. A slight problem is that it does not seem possible to use the savegame feature on this map, but its a small map anyway, so this is not a major drawback.

As for gameplay, in this map the basic idea is that you "delete" monsters by running over black squares on the floor, rather than shooting them as per normal. Hence the gameplay focus is switched from aiming and shooting as per normal and is instead now about movement and finding the squares to "delete" the monsters. More detail on the concept is provided in the author's readme:

"Run over black squares behind monsters' initial positions to delete them. However, the deleted monster does not go away until you delete another monster -- or a plant. Deleting plants or monsters restores health and resets all undeleted monsters. All deletable monsters must be deleted to finish -- killing them makes no difference, except the last monsters can be killed at the end instead of using end trigger. Conserve plants."

It sounds quite complicated, but its really quite simple once you get hang of it, it is also an imaginative twist on normal gameplay, and makes a good change from regular play; overall a fun and cleverly implemented concept.

Map 3 - arena:Arena Perpendicular.
This is a map inspired by and similar to Piglet's "Arena Perpetual" Map. The basic idea is the same, clear monsters of ever increasing number, over a series of rounds in a big "arena" type room. In this map the main room is very plain and basic, there are a couple of columns but no other structures or detailing to speak of, more variation in architecture would have been better. The actual gameplay is still fun though, just like it was in piglets original map.

A further option has been added here in the form of two triggers at the start of each round, you can either repeat the same round again or advance to the next round, this is a neat idea and adds some variety to the players progression through the levels. This also means you dont have to restart if you die. Overall, a good solid playable level.

Overall Scores:

maze1: 12/20
deletia: 15/20
arena: 16/20

Overall cubegames pack: 15/20