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Reviews: 24th july 2005

Game - QUAKE
Map - sm82: Rubicondom
by - NotoriousRay, RPG, PuLSaR, Zwiffle, distrans
Download -
Overall Verdict A large, solid, chunky base map featuring good custom architecture.

This is an example of a "speed chainmap", essentially a number of speedmaps combined together into a "full-size" map. The map is textured mainly using metlslime's Rubicon textures, a rusty mix of green/brown metal panels, doors and metallic trims. Strip lighting [blue, white] is used throughout the map to provide some contrast to the darkish green-brown, along with some red detailing, bright spots of orange lava and a couple of small areas of water. Lighting is well done throughout the map.

The real highlight of this map is the strong, well built, expertly constructed and varied base architecture, put together by the 5 experienced mappers. Each section is distinguished by a computer console with its name and Author. There are a number of well designed largish areas with lots of solid, chunky looking pipes, angular doorways and walls, and interesting platforms, lifts, tunnels and walkways. The metallic base layout is well integrated into natural rock faces, caves and caverns. Another notable feature of the map layout is the good connectivity between different map areas, which enhances the feeling of playing inside a real location. Everything is clear, functional and well designed, with the different individual's map sections *glued* together well to provide a sense of solid consistency from beginning to end.

There is a pleasing flow to the gameplay, which is nicely consistent in terms of progression through the map and difficulty [i played on hard skill resulting in a high 191 monster count]. Monster placement is decent if overall slightly predictable and possibly slightly too easy, there are not many monsters attacking from above, which largely results in relatively simple gameplay shooting down corridors at grunts, enforcers and ogres. Counter-balancing this in gameplay terms, there are a number of well done setpieces with monsters spawning in in waves in arenas and lifts which largely provide the gameplay highlights of the map, [perhaps some quad damages and more monsters would really have made these stand out]. There was a good, challenging small section involving negotiating a narrow metallic pipe over lava while shooting enemies which i thought could of been expanded on.

On the minus side, there is no truly outstanding or spectacular architecture or gameplay in this map as opposed to some of the best custom base maps of recent years such as pbrsp1, or even the previous speed chainmap sm36 : Subterranean Siege. I think sm36 is actually a slightly better map overall than this one.

Overall Score: 16/20