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Review: 30th May 2006 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Game - QUAKE
Map - ananke: Ananke 17.
by - Ankh
Download -
Overall Verdict - small but cool custom base map.

This new map from Ankh is not unfinished in the sense that there isn't a coherent start or exit or the gameplay just trails off, but one certain gets the impression that the author had more planned (the map is basically two large rooms with a few smaller sub-areas). Which is a shame because the map exhibits a well-developed style with some good ideas and decent execution throughout. There is also some interesting combat, the map progresses from an outdoor mob combat situation where it's very much run-and-gun, to a more claustrophobic finale underground, which is significantly more difficult (I died the first time I tried to complete the map).

Lots of reuse of prefabs and even small rooms is not great, but the map doesn't really suffer from it. I thought the idea of meshing flesh and base was cool, not that it hasn't been done before, but here it's on a larger scale - not just a bit of flesh sticking out of a wall, but rather a whole forest of flesh merging into a base in an outdoor void. That initial area is the map's highlight, rather Quake3-ish, but it (obviously) would have been better if the area/concept was larger and better-developed.

Basically, the map's definitely worth playing, some fun combat and as Ankh says, there aren't many new Q1SPs around these days. Just be prepared for an exit that comes all too soon.

Overall Score: 13/20