October 17

Hah! Can you find any other pages in planetquake where the "News" page holds updates from the last 3 years? Right, here's the deal: NVRefFix is now an abandoned project, again. So please don't bother sending me those error reports, I most likely won't update the NVRefFix any more.

Mapping: on hold until Doom III comes out. Although I would love to finish the ztn3dm3 and Painkiller conversion, I know it would pretty much be wasted effort since Quake III isn't such a hot game anymore. So, there will be new maps, but not for Quake III.

Due to the volume of spam I receive, I have pretty much abandoned my planetquake mail address. If you definitely need, you can e-mail me at you-know-who at ztnmaps dot com. Yes, note the domain name, that be the new home of yours truly =) Please be noted though, that any requests of updating the NVRefFix will be dealt by Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, a chainsaw and full volume christian music.

P.S. Jeff, are you still around? =)

Have mercy,

February 13

y0 apes! Yes, it be me, ztn. Really. Contrary to the popular belief and urban legends, I still haven't discovered the proverbial life after Internet. Just haven't gotten round to finishing any of my maps. Thus, no meaningful updates to this site (yeah, like there have been any in the past). But I still intend to finish 'em, let it be said out loud and clear. Intend. Yes, intend, but as I've been very busy with my fulltime job and I'm still nowhere near to become a millionaire, I also intend to keep my job and work for money in the time being. =) On a related note, the next version of NVRefFix is still far away, but thanks goes out all to the donators and nice people who have sent me information regarding the new driver structure. Until next time...

September 15

I've done the unthinkable: I've released the NVidia Windows 2000/XP Refresh Rate Fix with Windows XP support. So stop bugging me already, willya? ;) Here's a word or caution: the driver detection engine has been rewritten, which means there might be bugs, and it might not work with your setup. If, by any chance, it indeed doesn't do what it is supposed to do, read the FAQ/Troubleshooting first before mailing me. If you're still convinced your bugreport can be helpful, please attach the program log file with you e-mail. This is important, otherwise I'll have no idea what might be broken and where to start looking. Read the documentation about how to access the program log.

It's amazing how popular this little program has gotten over the past year. Given my current workload, I seriously had an idea of abandoning the whole project, but after realizing how many people have come to depend on it, I picked it up and did what asked for =)

August 25

Holy baboon's flaming nuts, Batman! An update! Rite, this just me checking in and reporting that due to my workload I've decided to abandon the NVRefFix project. I am, however, willing to give the sources away to anyone who's got a good knowledge in programming with Delphi and wants to keep it up to date. Please, serious inquiries only, I don't have time for giving lectures in programming. The program itself was written in Delphi 5 using number of custom components also written by me. The source is relatively my standards anyway...and only occasionally commented, but still I think it's pretty readable to anyone who knows "what's going on". I tried porting it to D6 but given the amount of work required, I've decided to give up. So there, mail me if you're interested.

June 9

WTF?! An update!? Well, ah' ain't no dead, no meeym! Quite the opposite actually, I've been busy with my fulltime job (no gaming related) here in San Diego. That means I haven't had the time for updating the NVRefFix and answering those numerous e-mails I've received complaining about the issues with Detonator 10.xx - 12.xx drivers. But hear me, I am aware about those problems and plan to look into whenever I have the time. Also, I've been asked once in a while whether I'm still going to release any maps. Here's the answer: Yes I am =) There's still ztn3dm3, Painkiller and TA conversion of Beatbox laying on my HDD waiting to be picked up. But given the lack of free time and the fact that mapping is so time consuming, there's a strong chance those maps might not be available for Christmas =) But then again, who really knows? ;)

April 3

y0! I have a backlog of unanswered mails longer than John Holmes'..uh.. hair. So here's the same old song, if you have mailed me and not received a response, forget it. The answer probably would have been 'no' anyways. But seriously, I've been rather busy and not gotten around doing any editing or updating the NVRefFix. Which brings me to the next topic:

NVRefFix and WinXP (Whistler) support: don't mail me about this, the restriction was put there on purpose. Apparently WinXP stores the video information differently so NVRefFix fails detecting the video card properly. I will investigate this issue and hopefully the next version will be WinXP-enabled.

February 23

Howdee! I finally fixed the link to dmmq3dm6 - Bad Blood, it's now hosted locally. Also, a fixed version of Blood Run is now available. The new version is called ztn3tourney1 - Blood Run Tourney and it'll be used on the CPL's upcoming events.

Here's something for the CTF and teamplay fans: I've long had an idea of converting one of my maps for CTF, and now I have finally done it. Beatbox is currently under heavy modification to better suit team based play modes. It'll support all Team Arena modes and vanilla Quake CTF. The screenshot shows how the central area looks right now. Got any constructive suggestions? Don't be afraid to drop me a line.

February 10

Updated the NVidia Refresh Rate Fix. It now supports NV11DDR and NV11GL.

December 31

Just checkin' in to wish A Happy New Year to all of the loyal visitors. Yes, to both of them. Have a blast...figuratively and literally. Me goes now to have a tequila, young girls, velcro gloves, stethoscope, asfdgdhj and tequila. Arriba! Olé!

November 28

Arright, 2 things: as the picture shows, I've decided to flush the space map. Instead, ztn3dm3 will be a 1-on-1 map. Screenshots (and a map) to follow. Secondly, it appears that the counter has swung over the 100,000 mark this morning =) It's been a relatively long journey, almost 2,5 years. Thanks again to all the visitors, looking forward to the next 100K =)

November 19

Another month, another update. Here's the latest scoop: ztn3dm3 - It's comin'. As you can see, I've posted a screenshot which shows...well, nothing really. The fact is, I don't much rush with this map, over are the times when I was able to bump out a map per month. Anyway, the plan is I'll resume mapping in early December since currently I'm busy with a more prioritized non-mapping project. After that, ztn3dm3 goes back to top on my to-do list.

This is a very pleasing news: CPL will be using my Blood Run along with 3 id stock maps on their upcoming Babbage's CPL event. I'm definitely interested in seeing how pro-gamers utilize this map, especially considering my next project after ztn3dm3 will be a 1-on-1 map. Anyho', good luck to the contestants!

Here's a little interview ParkLan folks conducted with me. We covered such important topics as favorite drinks, my early influences, labia minora, id Extremities and everything else mapping related. Oh yes, and many thanks again for those numerous mails I still receive in spite of my absence from the mapping scene.